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Recent Additions to the Academy

  • Paris Verra – How to change the colour of your clothing – Added to Creator Coaches
  • Malthe Zimakoff – Advanced Level Drone Photo Editing – Added to Creator Coaches
  • How to Make Horizontal Videos Vertical – Added to Creative Basics
  • Paris Verra – Get the perfect photo (even when alone) – Added to Creator Coaches

Lost Creator Academy EvenTs

LCA Discord Community

I hope our exclusive LCA community groups help you find your closest friends among our family of creators. 

Truth be told, it’s a bit labour intensive on my teams side so please help us out by following these steps 😅

  1. Create a Discord account – Sign up for discord HERE: https://discord.com.
  2. Verify your Discord account (if you’re new to Discord, you’ll receive an email to verify your account). Click the link in your email to verify your Discord account.
  3. Follow this link to request to join the Lost Creator Academy Discord Community: https://discord.gg/uDSm4zDzYC.
  4. Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/pnZLth7c4GtiHC7v7 – We will verify your account and provide you with access to the chat channels as quickly as possible. This will take some time to verify everyone to ensure the group remains exclusive to LCA members. Thanks for your patience 🙂
  5. Once you are authorized as a LostCreator, you’ll be able to view all of the community groups (this may change in the future), although we ask that you only communicate within the groups that you will actively contribute to. We have broken them down by Business topics, Groups, Interests, and Regions. 
This is not a replacement for the Facebook page. We would love to continue to see you sharing your successes, stories and questions with the whole community on our Facebook page. This Discord server is the place to meet like-minded creators more intimately.
Much love!