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Bettina B.

Joining LCA was investing in myself. I really love watching the videos and being surrounded by likeminded people. Here I learn things, that I didn't even know I would need to know.

Nico S.

Amazing platform. I started LCA three weeks ago, I have watched 40% of the program. I have learned a lot about photography and videography that I will use in my next travels.

Samantha B.

By enrolling in LCA, I have learned so much that I wouldn't find anywhere else! Watching the videos and learning new skills increases my motivations to enhance my photos and learn how to shoot amazing home and travel videos!

Georgia M.

So glad to finally be a part of the LCA family! I've been following Christian's story for years and have loved hearing his stories and tips. I'm going to treasure this forever! Thanks Christian 🙂

Cassidy R.

I joined LCA with the purpose of learning about photography, editing and videography within my own coffee business. I want to use the skills I learn through LCA for the rest of my life by taking my coffee journey around the globe! LCA has taught me so much in the short amount of time that I have been active with the platform. The community is very helpful and welcoming! I am so grateful I joined LCA and I can't wait to see how I grow in the future.

Jordan B.

LCA is the best way to accelerate your content creation goals. No-one cared about my terrible and cliché vacation pictures, but I now get messages asking me things like, "When did you go pro?" and "Are you a photographer now?"

Aikah D.

If you are creative and willing to step up into the next level, this is your tribe! Honestly speaking this is the best investment I've ever given to myself! Everything that I need for my passion about photography, filming, editing, digital marketing and many more were all IN HERE. I'm a huge fan of Christian since his GoPro days in South East Asia and watching him through all these years just blew up my mind. In this Academy he built, you will get everything you need to be successful. I am very overwhelmed about the informations I get from this amazing course and from the amazing LCA community. I am very happy to be part of this family!

David S.

I'm so excited to be a part of LCA! There is such an incredible amount of knowledge neatly organized and at my disposal. I'm learning so much every day, making connections and can't wait to apply the knowledge. If you've seen Christian's videos over the years, you've seen his skills blossom, and how meticulous he is about the details. I feel lucky he is nice enough to share the knowledge, create this awesome learning platform and community to help everyone achieve their dream.