Nomad Travel Insurance

The Best Nomad Travel Insurance Plans in 2022

The ultimate guide to choosing the best digital nomad travel insurance plan.

This guide will help you choose the best nomad travel insurance plan for your needs to keep you protected as you travel and create content.

If there is one thing a content creator should always prepare for, it’s the uncertainties of traveling. Although globe-trotting always looks like the perfect life on social media, things happen. 

Lost luggage, stolen equipment, and medical emergencies are a few situations that can quickly become expensive. Choosing the right digital nomad travel insurance can save you when you’re in a bind. 

With many people learning to become content creators, there are plenty of travel insurance options for nomads.      

Let’s dive into the best nomad travel insurance in 2022.

1. SafetyWing

A monthly plan that offers coverage for medical and travel emergencies.

SafetyWing nomad travel insurance

SafetyWing provides nomad travel insurance for digital nomads and remote teams. The monthly payment structure offers flexibility and allows you to purchase insurance on-demand, even while traveling. 

With automatic monthly payments, you can focus on your travels whilst still being covered until you choose an end date.  As a bonus, you’ll also be insured in your home country for 30 days or 15 if you live in the United States. Coverage beyond the at-home policy will pause until travel resumes.  

Travel comfortably knowing you are covered for medical expenses up to $250,000 with a low deductible of $250. 

Coverage includes the following:

  • Hospital bills

  • Intensive care 

  • Ambulance services 

  • Urgent charges 

  • Physical therapy and chiropractic care 

  • Emergency dental care

  • Other eligible medical expenses

As airliners continue to be understaffed, the rate of delays, canceled flights, and lost luggage has unfortunately increased. Having digital nomad insurance from Safety Wing will protect you from the following: 

  • Trip interruptions

  • Travel delays 

  • Lost checked luggage

  • Natural disaster 

  • Political evacuation 

  • Emergency medical evacuation

Plan Highlights

  • Choose your doctors and hospital.

  • Two children under ten are covered free of charge (per family).

  • Pay as you need nomad travel insurance. 

  • You can purchase a plan even when you’re not in your own country. 

  • Coverage is more affordable the younger you are. 

  • Additional coverage is available if you’re traveling to the United States.

2. Insured Nomads

Combines comprehensive coverage and tech for the ultimate experience.

Insured Nomads Best Nomad Travel Insurance

Insured Nomads puts travelers first with multiple nomad travel insurance plans and a host of convenient benefits. They currently offer three options, but this guide will cover their World Explorer and World Explorer Multi policies.  

The World Explorer option is designed for a single trip for up to one year. So, this could be a good fit if you’re working from Bali for the year, for example. You’ll want to apply for the World Explorer Multi plan if you take multiple short trips within a year. With both plans, travel at ease with a maximum benefit of up to $2,000,000. 

While Insured Nomads is more expensive than other options, the items covered exceed the competition. 

The following items are covered:

  • Emergency dental & eye care

  • Accidental death

  • Lost checked luggage

  • Telemedicine visits

  • Personal liability

  • Adventure sports option

  • Marine activities option

  • Emergency medical & natural disaster evacuation

  • High sum for overseas medical expenses

  • Phone protection

  • 24/7 crisis response & real-time alerts

  • Mental health counseling (multilingual)

  • INC membership which offers high-tech benefits for travelers

Plan Highlights

A huge benefit of choosing nomad travel insurance from Insured Nomads is the INC (Insured Nomads Community) membership. The INC application brings tech-enabled global health and travel solutions to your fingertips.

The INC membership includes: 

  • Airport lounge access

  • Digital Insurance ID

  • Real-time travel alerts 

  • Cybersecurity & privacy services 

  • Telemedicine consults (multilingual)

  • GPS-enabled panic button 

  • Country-specific information sheets

With exclusive services and perks, it’s easy to see why Insured Nomads is an excellent choice for digital nomad travel insurance.

3. World Nomads

Simple and flexible travel insurance with optional equipment protection.

World Nomads Best Nomad Travel Insurance

World Nomads travel insurance offers on-demand plans designed with adventure in mind. You’re covered for over 150 activities, including skydiving, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and much more. Easily purchase a plan from anywhere and renew your coverage as you travel. 

A unique benefit of the coverage is that your gear, like cameras, laptops, and bags, are covered in the event they are lost or stolen. Content creators will also appreciate the ability to build travel plans that coincide with their nomad travel insurance.

The World Nomads website tailors the insurance information based on your home country. All you need to do is select your country and it displays all relevant information.      

The general global coverage includes: 

  • Trip cancellation or interruption

  • Emergency medical expenses 

  • Emergency medical transportation

  • Gear protection for electronics, bags, etc. 

  • Emergency dental expenses 

  • Emergency medical evacuation & repatriation

  • 24-hour assistance services

  • More coverage items may be available (dependent on home country) 

If you love fully immersing yourself in adventure, then the World Nomads nomad travel insurance might be the perfect fit.

Plan Highlights

  • Enjoy overage for 180 days (extendable once the policy period ends). 

  • Unique coverage options such as activities and gear protection. 

  • Claims are handled quickly and can be made online.

It’s worth noting that World Nomads is trusted and recommended by some of the world’s top travel companies, including HostelWorld, National Geographic, Eurail, and many more.

4. Travelex

Offers a range of plans from basic trips to specific needs for digital nomads.

Travelex Best Nomad Travel Insurance

Travelex has travel insurance for various trips, whether you’re traveling for business, weekend getaways, or long-term. They offer three plans: Travel Basic, Travel Select, and Travel America. 

For this guide we’ll look at the Travel Select package but feel free to explore the other plans on the Travelex website. The Select plan provides comprehensive benefits with the option to add five upgrades. 

The standard policy covers the following:

  • Trip cancellation & interruption

  • Trip delay 

  • Missed connection

  • Emergency medical & dental expenses 

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

  • Baggage & personal effects 

  • Baggage delay

  • Sporting equipment delay 

  • AD&D

  • Kids-included pricing 

  • Travel assistance

Optional coverage items include:

  • Cancel for no reason

  • Car rental collision 

  • AD&D common carrier (air only)

  • Additional medical coverage

  • Adventure sports coverage

Plan Highlights

  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions, additional coverage is available with your plan to ensure you always have the right nomad travel insurance.  

  • Any Children under 17 are included when accompanied by a covered adult.

  • Business travelers are provided with reimbursements for work-related cancellations or interruptions.

  • Travelex 24/7 travel assistance is always there to help you with travel recommendations, legal issues, or anything else that may arise. 

  • Enjoy no deductibles on primary coverage. 

  • Never worry about not being covered with a 98% claim pay rate.

5. PassportCard Nomads

Tailored travel insurance with optional equipment protection and no out-of-pocket expenses.

PassportCard Nomads Best Nomad Travel Insurance

PassportCard Nomads is designed as a no-hassle travel health insurance solution for digital nomads. Their focus on tech and convenience means you have all relevant information and money within seconds. 

With the PassportCard app, you can locate a doctor, load money onto your card, update information, and see your plan benefits. Other providers do not offer the pre-loaded card, which guarantees you will never pay for covered items with your money.

There are three nomad travel insurance plans to choose from: Starter, Remote, and Complete. Let’s focus on the starter coverage, designed for those traveling for less than six months.

The coverage includes the following items:

  • Emergency medical expenses (up to $500,00 per policy period) 

Optional coverage items include: 

  • Baggage & personal items up to $6000 

  • Laptop up to $750

  • Camera or lens up to $750

  • Extreme sports

For more extensive coverage and long-term trips, the Remote plan offers up to $1,000,000 or $3,500,000 for the Complete plan per policy period.

Plan Highlights

  • The pre-loaded card ensures you never pay for policy-covered expenses. 

  • Complete flexibility allows for plan extension, cancellation, or change of your plan at any time. 

  • Enjoy nomad travel insurance freedom with the PassportCard app.

  • 24/7 emergency assistance.

6. CoverAmerica – Gold

Tailored travel insurance with optional equipment protection and no out-of-pocket expenses.

CoverAmerica Gold Best Nomad Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, most digital nomad travel insurance plans exclude coverage in the U.S. due to varying insurance laws and coverage. However, the Gold plan from CoverAmerica is specifically for non-U.S. citizens traveling in America. 

This insurance plan is backed by one of the largest network providers, the United Healthcare PPO network. It covers medical and travel-related services with coverage available from 5 to 365 days. 

The CoverAmerica Gold plan coverage includes the following:

  • 100% coverage after the applicable deductible has been paid. 

  • No cancellation fee

  • COVID-19 coverage

  • Urgent Care visit with $15 copay

  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions 

  • Border entry protection 

  • A missed connection during international travel 

  • Loss of passport and travel documents

  • Foreign excursions & cruise coverage around North America

  • Emergency dental treatment & eye exams

  • Emergency medical reunion 

  • Repatriation of remains

  • Flu shot covered ($25 deductible) 

  • Natural disasters & terrorism 

  • Political evacuation

Plan Highlights

  • No cancellation or renewal fees. 

  • Extend and renew your coverage for up to 24 months 

  • 24/7 medical & travel assistance services 

  • Multilingual staff & claims administrators

Living Your Life as a Digital Nomad

Trying to understand and choose a nomad travel insurance plan can be overwhelming. I hope this guide helped you learn about different insurance providers for nomads. Interested in content creation but don’t know where to start? Check out my brand new 10 Day Creator Challenge here!

Let’s get lost in the next one!